Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Planning: Fast Fixes for Wedding Day Mishaps


THE DRESS DOESN’T FIT Your amazing wedding dress, which you spent so much time selecting and being fitted, is too big (worries equal skipped meals). What’s a bride to do? 

Quick FixIf your gown is falling off (especially in the bust) experts suggest using fabric tape to adhere the dress to your skin. And a satin sash to cinch your waist can also solve the problem.

THE CAKE TOPPLES Believe it or not, a cake collapse is pretty common! It might happen because the confection is too heavy for the stand or close to the dance floor.

Quick FixLuckily, it’s fairly easy to repair the damage. Have your fast­acting planner or caterer piece the cake back to its original form. Then spread frosting over the affected area. If it still looks iffy, take flowers from table centerpieces and artfully arrange them. Dim the lights for the cake cutting and no one will even notice.

MAKEUP MESS No matter how big or small, a last-­minute stain can whip any bride into a frenzy. 

Quick Fix Apply a little club soda to the spot, then sprinkle some talc or salt to soak it up. Let dry. If the spot remains, touch it up with white chalk.

BLOWN AWAY You thought you just needed to worry about your veil getting lipstick smudges in the breeze? 
Courtesy of Meadowood- Napa Valley
Quick FixIf your reception is of the outdoor variety, note that many tents can handle rain better than wind. Tents do blow over. Even if it’s built like a log cabin, your tent might not be able to withstand intense wind. If you wake up to blustery weather on your wedding day, consult the venue manager or rental company about whether you should risk it. Is there an on­site indoor facility available? If you decide to go ahead, make sure the tent pro sticks around for the entire reception (even it means an additional fee).

FRESH BREATH Mints might spruce up matters—but only temporarily.

Quick FixNothing kills bad breath better than eating an apple. It attacks odor from your stomach and keeps breath fresh for the day.

PUFFY EYES Concerned you may wake up with red, puffy eyes on the morning of your wedding? 

Quick FixThe night before prop pillows to raise your head: This helps drain fluid from the blood vessels around the eyes. Still red and swollen after you awaken the next day? Then place cold, wet tea bags on each lid to relieve swollen tissue.

AN ATTENDANT FEELS QUEASY An empty stomach or a night-­before celebration could all cause any groomsman or bridesmaid to faint during the ceremony. 

Quick Fix - Briefly stop the proceedings, bring the person a chair and glass of juice, and then resume the ceremony. To ward off such mid­ ceremony mishaps, advise your attendants to eat something before-hand. Another tip is not to have them lock their knees when standing for long periods of time. Instead roll gently back and forth on the balls of the feet. It’s a trick that the guards at Buckingham Palace use and keeps the blood circulating. 

By Patricia Canole
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