Friday, January 16, 2015

Planning: APPmazing!

A New App to the Rescue

It seems wedding apps are taking over the app store world, making a search for an all-rounder a bit too confusing for most couples-to-be. Recently I tried Trello, a new online/mobile tool you can use to create lists, make plans, jot down ideas and inspiration, too. In a matter of minutes, I got to enjoy the ease in creating boards with checklists of duties for bridesmaids and even starting a map of seating assignments at the reception. Here, a few of the ways Trello can make it all happen.

1. Create Your Timeline

2. Segment each list on your board in order of urgency and list important dates, locations and vendor details. You’ll have everything you need to take care of in one central place.  

3. Create a board to configure your seating arrangements for the reception. You can even add special details about your guests and note if they have food allergies. It’s so easy to stay up-to-date with your bridesmaids from where to get their dresses, lists of what they need to complete, important details about bachelorette party/bridal showers, and more. Your bridal party will be in constant contact with one another and have access to any and all information they need to know in one organized place.

4. Once the wedding is over, you can easily lose track of things and items you need to take care of such as sending out thank you notes or finalizing any outstanding bills.

By Patricia Canole
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