Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Planning: The Bridal Shower

Yet Another Way To Build Up The Excitement. Plus, A Great Opportunity To Start Stocking Your New Home.

One­-to-­two months before the wedding.

WHO HOSTS The bride’s sister, best friend, or the entire wedding party—even mom—can host this affair. Best of all, more than one shower is not uncommon. Many times a relative or friend will offer to host a themed shower while co­workers will surprise you with an office party. A modern­-day touch is the co-­ed celebration where both bride and groom are honored. Make sure one or two of the hosts is keeping track of who gave you want, so you can mail handwritten personalized thank-­you notes within a couple of weeks of the shower.

PRE­PARTY TO DO’S Get ready for all eyes to be on you. You will be “showered” with gifts and are expected to open them in front of the crowd as they ooh and aah. Think about what you’ll wear. As the guest of honor, you want a look that’s slightly dressier than your guests.

THEME & DÉCOR An afternoon tea is a sweet treat—tiered plates of dainty food, simple floral arrangements, lacy linens and fine china (mix and match cups and saucers for flair!). Or how about a lunch with a theme that relates to one of your hobbies. A brunch or evening cocktails are easy to do —and start the party with a class or seminar.

VENUE This party can take place in someone’s home, at a tea shop or in restaurant or hotel. Just make sure the space is cozy and secluded.

GUEST LIST Invitees include bridesmaids, sisters and the two moms. Also include friends of both mothers, all female relatives, and the bride’s girlfriends. Every woman invited to the wedding does not have to be asked to the shower. 

 By Patricia Canole
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