Thursday, September 4, 2014

Planning: Surviving Football Season

Summer is coming to an end and you are ready to get back to planning your day after a long break of fun in the sun. But, just as quickly as the seasons change, you realize that football season is here and instantly your fiancé is unavailable for all Thursday evening, Sunday, and Monday night appointments. We've been there and have some advice for getting your planning done while also spending quality time rooting for your fav team with your guy.

1. Get the Schedule - Most teams have an app that allows you to have the entire schedule on your phone or iPad. With the tap of a finger you can know the days that your husband-to-be will want to be in front of the television. Planning appointments around these days turns telling him when and where you need him into an argument-free conversation. Also, take note of those precious 'bye' weeks to fill up on visiting as many wedding vendors as you possibly can.

2. Fantasy Time - Planning should be a fun time together and planning during football season should be no exception. While he does his fantasy team lineup grab your laptop and do your fantasy wedding lineup. Let him tell you which running backs he picked up for the week and give him updates on what music you added to the playlist. The back and forth banter will allow you both to talk about what's going on without feeling the pressure of planning.

You can still plan your day during football season
3. Utilize Commercials - Some wedding tasks are tedious for brides and grooms no matter what time of the year. Stamping envelopes, writing out place cards, or tying tags to your favors takes time and will require breaks so why not do these things while the commercials play? Do a task a week and before you know it all these jobs will be finalized.

4. Get the Game on the Go - Some cable and satellite providers offer live streaming of football games to your smart phone so he never has to be away from the game. Call your television company to see if this is an option available to you. If it is let him know it's a compromise so that you can see your wedding vendors when they are available and he can watch the game in the car to and from the appointments.

5. Get Away For The Day - If you just want to steer clear of game day and the excitement (or stress) that surrounds it then plan to spend time with your bridesmaids, mom, or future mother-in-law. You'll have at least three hours from kickoff and can accomplish a lot during this time. Shop for accessories, try on your wedding dress, and browse gifts for your groom. Use this time to bond with others in the wedding and tackle tasks that you won't want your husband-to-be present for.

Most importantly, remember that football season is only a few months of the year and you'll get back to full-time wedding planning with your groom soon enough- well, at least until baseball starts.

By Stacy Shiffner
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