Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fashion: Venus Bridal

Passionately Involved In Every Detail To Fashion Today’s Bride.

Providing brides with the ultimate in fashion is the mission at Venus Bridals. Since their inception, innovation and design has been at the heart of their success. In fact, the company’s design team takes tremendous pride on the elegance and artistry of each gown. Described as classic with an element of surprise, the Venus Collections are as diverse as the bride herself.

Venus Collection
Temple Collection
Venus infuses romance and femininity into every collection. Exquisite embroidery and delicate beading adorn the finest silks, while soft draping and creative silhouettes create a look of luxury and sophistication for the modern-day bride.

For a modest touch, Temple Bridal is the answer, while Angel and Tradition gives a fresh, young approach to bridal gowns with flair.
Pallas Athena Collection
Angel & Tradition Collection

Is it any wonder why brides-to-be look and feel beautiful in a Venus gown? With its vast array of bridal gown styles and options available, Venus Bridals looks forward to being an important part of your day.

By: Patricia Canole

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