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Planning: 4 Ways to Have a Patriotic Wedding This 4th of July

By: Stacy Shiffner

The 4th of July is a day we celebrate our love of the U-S-A, but for those who will also be celebrating their love of each other, we've got some ideas of how to show some patriotic spirit this holiday.

Wear Red, White, & Blue
It's typical to wear the colors of the US flag on the 4th and just because your wedding day falls on America's birthday doesn't mean you have to make an exception. Dress your bridesmaids in red or blue and you can be styled in a traditional white wedding gown. If you are feeling bold and brave go for a red or blue dress yourself - colored wedding gowns are a growing trend among brides right now.

Red Bridesmaid Dress: Alexia Designs
White Wedding Gown: Cosmobella
Blue Bridesmaid Dress: Jordan Fashions

Decorate with Desserts
Festive treats are an easy way to infuse some patriotic color into your wedding decor. With some red and blue food coloring you can create cakes, cupcakes and other yummy desserts that show your spirit. Make star-shaped cookies or delicious cake pops with stripes to add to your dessert table. Or, consider putting flag at the top of your cake instead of a traditional topper or flowers.

Add Small Touches

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Paint your nails, wear a red garter, or carry a blue bouquet. There are endless ways your can incorporate red, white, and blue into the details of your wedding. Stars and Stripes can adorn your decor, while flags can be used to accessorize centerpieces. These small touches will give a hint of patriotism without overtaking your day but will acknowledge the holiday at the same time.

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Set Off Fireworks

It goes without saying that fireworks are a key component of any 4th of July celebration, and your wedding should be no exception. Give guests sparklers to wave as you and your new husband exit your ceremony or set some off into the sky to finish off the night. Your guests will love the show and will appreciate that they won't miss out on the holiday fun.

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