Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fashion: Bill Levkoff Bridesmaids

Dresses for Every Type of Wedding

By: Patricia Canole

Bill Levkoff has been celebrated as one of the leading bridesmaids dress manufacturers in the country—dressing generations of bridal parties for over 60 years. With a vast array of styles, quality fabrics, and colors to suit all needs, you’ll find Bill Levkoff offers a wide selection of options from traditional to contemporary for your bridesmaids. Today, the company continues with its tradition of high standards. In fact, the attention to detail has made a Bill Levkoff dress a favorite of many bridesmaids to be worn again and again.

Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid Dresses

Maids In Heaven When considering what your girls will wear, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Think about your wedding style. 
Is it classic, modern, or maybe even vintage? Your bridesmaids’ dresses should complement your style. If you’re wearing a breezy chiffon gown for a destination wedding, your maids might look out of place in formal taffeta dresses.
Color is an important issue.
If your girls range from fair to dark skin tones, be sure the dress color flatters all. Another option is to pick one color and let your girls choose the shade that suits them best, for an ombre effect.
Consider the time of year. 
Seasonal colors may play a role in deciding: Brilliant fall tones of orange and red for September/October, fresh, pastel spring hues for April/May.
Be flexible. 
Today, the majority of bridesmaids like to have some input on what they're wearing. And because the trend is to not have matching dresses, Bill Levkoff offers a wide range of styles in every color under the rainbow. You pick the color and fabric; each bridesmaid can then decide on the style that flatters her best.

We love Bill Levkoff & we're sure your bridesmaids will too! 

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