Thursday, May 8, 2014

Planning: How To Include His Mom

Include Your Future Mother-In-Law in Wedding Planning!
By: Stacy Schiffner

It's easy to find ways to include your mother in the wedding planning process - after all, you've both probably been discussing details since before you were even engaged. What about your future mother-in-law? It's important to include your fiance's family in the planning process and with Mother's Day right around the corner, there's no better time to get his mom involved.

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Here are some ideas to get the bonding started:

Wine and Dine Her
Is your future mother in law a fan of food and wine? Ask her to join yourself and your fiancé to your tasting or invite her to lunch at the location of your wedding. If she has a palette for fine foods, she might be the perfect person to tell you whether to serve beef or fish, the Merlot or the Malbec.

Consider Her Hobbies
Maybe your future mother-in-law enjoys craft projects, gardening, or baking. Think about the things she is good at and enjoys doing and you can include her on related tasks. If she's an avid gardener, bring her to the florist so she can compare Calla Lillies and Orchids. Does she bake the best cookies in town? Have her create some yummy favors that you can send your guests away with.

Work On Invitations Together
You will need your future mother-in-law's help with gathering mailing addresses for her side of the family, but consider taking it a step further. Ask her if she'd like to help you assemble the cards and stamp the RSVP envelopes. You can make a night out of it with her and your mom as well, as this is a great opportunity to get both families involved.

Include Her Musical Taste
Does his mom love to dance or have an ear for good music? Ask her to make a list of songs that she thinks will get the guests up and moving. After all, she's probably been to many weddings on her side of the family and knows what will get your fiancé's family out of their chairs.

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