Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fitness: Getting Healthy in a Fast-Paced, Digital World

6 Apps & Websites to Help Brides-To-Be Get Healthy
By Stacy Shiffner

We hear it all the time, brides want to get in shape for their big day, but they lack the time to go to the gym, have a session with a trainer, or even cook healthy meals. Luckily for today’s tech savvy bride there are endless ways to get healthy in no time, using tools on your tablet or smart phone. 
Here is a look at some of our favorites:


If you enjoy long walks, running or bike rides as your fitness means then RunKeeper is a free app that you will certainly want to download on your smart phone. This tool will use GPS to track your activities’ distance, pace, and time. RunKeeper also allows you to measure your heart rate and set goals for yourself. Bonus: you can take pictures of your route and share them with your RunKeeper followers or social media friends.

For those who enjoy playing games you’ll love the idea behind Fitocracy’s game-like technique of using quests and challenges to push you from one workout to the next. By connecting with the community of Fitocrats you’ll have the support (or competition) of others using this free app. You will enter your daily workouts and gain points for doing so, unlocking steps to move on to more challenging workouts and levels.

If variety is your priority then DailyBurn’s mashup of yoga, cardio and aerobics is a good choice for you. By streaming the video straight to your tablet or television you can quickly access workouts from some of the world’s top trainers and perform them in 30 minutes or less. While this program is certainly for those who want a traditional in home workout you can still use the on the-go features such as daily reminders for water intake, an exercise log, and nutrition log.

Do you know that diet is half the battle when it come to getting in shape, but don’t know what cooking healthy entails? Visit where recipe developer Gina puts together recipes that are both tasty and portion-control friendly. All her recipes contain calorie counts and Weight Watchers points. Gina also blogs regularly to answer popular questions about healthy eating and obstacles we all face when dieting.
If you want to find out where your nutritional problems are coming from check out and make use of their food library to enter a log of your eating habits. Watch as this site shows you intake levels of fats, sugars and more so you can see exactly what you need to cut from your diet and where you need to improve.
Calorie counting has become a staple in today’s world and your diet routine should be no exception. Use (or their free app) to log your foods to analyze your calorie counts for the day. The app can also search meals from common eateries for you. will deduct the calories you burned in your workout from your total calorie intake to give you stats for the day, week, and month.

For more fitness & diet tips to get in shape for your wedding day, visit

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