Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fashion: 5 Reasons To Consider Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

Trend Alert: Short Wedding Dresses
By: Stacy Shiffner

If you have not found 'the one' when it comes to your wedding dress, what do you envision yourself in? Traditional bridal looks are full length wedding dresses with all the bells and whistles, but if you are a bride who dares to be different, try picturing yourself in a short dress.

Angel Sanchez Short Wedding Dress    Jenny Packham Short Wedding Dress    Demetrios Short Wedding Dress
          Angel Sanchez                       Jenny Packham                                Demetrios

Here are 5 reasons to stop thinking long and start shopping for short:

Comfort & Flexibility
You will be moving and shaking all day long in your wedding dress so comfort is very much important. Between getting in and out of the car to dancing to using the restroom, a short dress makes maneuvering the days tasks easier and quicker. Plus, shedding layers of fabric will make your dress weigh less, making it more comfortable when you are getting around or even sitting down.

You Can Wear It Again
While bridesmaids often say they want a gown they can wear again, it isn't something that most brides can even consider. With a short wedding dress style it is possible. A cute cocktail dress can be worn again to parties or events. You could even have it dyed and wear it as guest attire to someone else's wedding.

Show Off Your Legs
It's your day and all eyes will be on you. While some brides will wear their hair up to accentuate their cheekbones or wear a sleeveless gown to show off their arms, you can show off your legs if they are your best attribute. 

It's Less Expensive
Less fabric often equals less cost. When you choose to wear a short dress the price can be significantly less than that of a traditional dress and you can use that savings for other wedding essentials. Get a dazzling pair of shoes or upgrade your accessories with the money you'll save on your wedding dress.

It's Trendy
Short wedding dresses are trending right now as we've seen first hand on designer runways. From Jenny Packham to Demetrios, designers are taking note that brides are looking for short dresses to wear on their special day. 

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