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Bridal Beauty: Nipping and Tucking Before the Big Day

It's no secret that brides-to-be want to look their best on their wedding day. Slimming down your figure, rejuvenating your skin and relaxing your muscles are common practice. However most brides will assume that was a reference to the gym and spa, not the doctor's office. For the Bride recently spoke with one of Manhattan's premier plastic surgeons, Dr. Adam D. Schaffner, about the growing trend of bride's turning to surgery and injections to improve their look and health before the big day. Here, Dr. Schaffner's advice on what brides can do both in and out of the doctor's office.

FOR THE BRIDE: Bridalplasty has become a term associated with many complete-makeover TV shows featuring brides getting face lifts and chin implants. Few brides realize that cosmetic surgery can be used to treat ordinary flaws such as crow’s feet and scars. What are some of the simpler procedures that can make a big impact for their wedding day? 

ADAM SCHAFFNER: Brides want to look as attractive, rested and youthful as possible. This is a stressful time. That stress can show on your face. Therefore, be sure to get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and eat well. Avoid junk food. Focus on eating nutritious, healthy meals. For a little extra help, you can work with a personal trainer and/or a nutritionist to optimize your exercise routine and diet. BOTOX, fillers and laser treatments, as well as Smartlipo and rapid recovery breast augmentation, are procedures which are commonly performed before the wedding and can make a big impact on the wedding day. Be sure to plan ahead to allow for adequate recovery time.  

FTB: What are the benefits of choosing surgery over spa or over-the-counter treatments that promise similar results? 
AS: Surgical procedures are performed to achieve a particular goal (e.g., enlarge one's breasts). Spa and over-the-counter treatments are generally performed to give a refreshed look to the skin, nails and hair.

FTB: If a bride is interested in procedures, when is the best time to get started?
AS: The bride should consult with a plastic surgeon as early as possible. This will allow plenty of time to consider all options and not feel pressure to act immediately. Non-invasive procedures such as lasers and minimally invasive procedures such as BOTOX and fillers require less recovery time than surgical procedures. Therefore, it is important to plan accordingly, so there is adequate time allocated to recover before the big day.

FTB: What is the most popular procedure for brides-to-be? 
AS: All brides should perform good skin care every day by applying moisturizer, sunblock and a topical anti-oxidant. Be careful not to get sunburn during the bachelorette party. This is true not only for the bride, but also for the bridal party and family members.
     Before undergoing any treatment, look at yourself in the mirror from different angles and ask yourself if you would like to see something improved. If the answer is yes, then it is time to explore your options. For fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX Cosmetic can work wonders. From fine lines to deep grooves, from hollow cheeks to lackluster lips, fillers can work wonders. There are many different fillers from which to choose, including Restylane, Perlane, JuvĂ©derm, BELOTERO, Radiesse and Sculptra to name a few. Which filler is right for you will depend on the area(s) being treated. To soften lines, rejuvenate skin, remove spider veins, brown spots or tattoos, a wide variety of lasers may be used. Which laser is best for you will depend on many factors. To address areas of undesired fat, Smartlipo may be performed. Breast lifts, augmentations, and reductions can also be performed to provide the size and shape desired.
     While the focus is on the bride, everyone wants to look and feel great on the big day. Everything that is available to the bride is also available to the bridal party and family. The mother of the bride and the future mother-in-law want to look their best. Many procedures are available to rejuvenate the face, including BOTOX, fillers, lasers, Smartlipo under the chin, mini-facelifts and full facelifts. Mommy makeovers are great to help restore one's body contour.  

Dr. Adam Schaffner is listed in Guide to America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and has been featured on several news programs such as ABC's Good Morning America as an expert on plastic surgery. For more information please visit

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