Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wedding Events Timeline: The Bachelor Party

Don’t Think Of This As His Last Chance To Celebrate Being Single;

It’s Simply An Opportunity To Spend time With His Closest Friends And

Toast The Amazing Life Change That’s About To Happen

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WHEN Two-to-three weeks before the wedding.

WHO HOSTS Usually the best man and groomsmen spearhead the planning.

PRE-PARTY TO DO’S Discuss what kind of party is being planned for your

fiancé and make sure you’re comfortable with it too.

VENUE Ideas for planning a weekend away are wide open: Las Vegas is a sure-

fire option for good food and late-night fun, or he can try something seasonal like

golfing in Arizona or California. If the party takes place locally, he might

consider chowing down at an upscale steakhouse. Sports aficionados might opt for

a professional basketball game or the more adventurous types why not rock

climbing, snowboarding, or white-water rafting?

GUEST LIST The groomsmen, your fiance’s brothers (yours, too) and any other


DAY-OF NOTES Let him know: Yes, he can call you, especially if he’s away for

the weekend. His friends might tease him for checking in, but just remember

they’re doing the same thing!

By Patricia Canole

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