Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Clever Ideas To Personalize Your Party With Flair.

February 14th is the perfect day for love and romance. But even if it's not your big day, consider including some of these touches!

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ATTIRE An old-fashioned look is always romantic. You'll want to wear a classic style gown and tuxedo. Another option is to go for a dress with red accents—a cherry red sash would be stunning. Have your bridesmaids wear dresses shades of pink and red; groomsmen will look handsome with red ties with coordinating red and pink boutonnières.

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DÉCOR Create a romantic atmosphere by blanketing the aisle with rose petals. For the reception dress each table with rose tea-light holders. The simple DIY project begins by removing the rose stem, then open the bloom to remove several center petals to accommodate space for your candle.

COCKTAIL HOUR Serve crimson-hued cocktails and give them Valentine-themed names like “Cupid’s Kiss," and "Be My Valentine.”

MENU Fan the sparks among your guests by including some aphrodisiacs on the menu by including an oyster bar, almond-crusted salmon rolls, or chicken with mole (a Mexican chocolate sauce). Surprise guests with an all-red dessert lounge of chocolate-covered strawberries, a raspberry tart, and even red velvet cupcakes.

FAVORS Gift your friends and family with heart-shaped boxes of candy or macaroons and a note attached saying “Thank you for being our Valentine!”

SPECIAL TOUCHES Rather than table numbers, why not name each for a famous couple (real or fictional). Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Napolean and Josephine, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor come to mind.
By Patricia Canole


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