Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Planning: Decode your wedding day

You're engaged and with it brings the rush of social media announcements. As you tweet, text and e­mail friends and family, you’ve no doubt realized this is a whole new world filled with lace, tulle and a vocabulary all its own. Do you know what BM, E­Ring, DF, MILTB and RB mean? Being engaged is almost like a secret club with a language filled with wedding abbreviations that you've probably never used.

The next time you’re texting your florist, browsing the wedding boards for inspiration, or sending e­mails to your bridesmaids, refer to our “dictionary” of commonly used wedding abbreviations.

Life just got a little simpler!

AHR At­-Home Reception 
BF Boyfriend/Best Friend

BIL Brother­-in­-Law
BM Best Man/ Bridesmaid
BP Bridal Party
DW Destination Wedding
E­Party Engagement Party
E­Ring Engagement Ring
FILTB Future Father­-in­-Law to Be FG Flower Girl
FI Fiancé/Fiancee
FIL Father­-in­-Law
FNF Friends & Family
FOB Father of Bride
FOG Father of Groom
FSIL Future Sister-­in­-Law

FW Future Wife 
GM Groomsmen 
H2B Husband­-to­-Be 
HM Honeymoon 
ILs In­-Laws

JP Justice of the Peace
LDR Long­-Distance Relationship 
MILTB Mother­-in­-Law to Be
MOB Mother of the Bride
MOG Mother of Groom
MOH Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor 
OOTG Out of Town Guests
OTT Over the Top
RB Ring Bearer

RD Rehearsal Dinner
SIL Sister­-in­-Law
SO Significant Other
STDs Save­-the­-Date Cards
WP Wedding Party/Wedding Planner

By Patricia Canole
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