Thursday, August 28, 2014

Planning: 4 Sweet Ideas for Nearlyweds

The Cake Boss Dishes Up His Secret Recipes For Confection Perfection.

By Patricia Canole

For the Bride recently sat down with Buddy Valastro, aka The Cake Boss, at his new Times Square Cake Boss Café, to learn more about choosing the right cake for your special wedding.


“Ask yourself these questions: How many guests are attending? Where is the reception? What is the décor? What time of year is my wedding? What is my budget? All those answers help refine the cake’s design in the baker’s mind. A summer luncheon for 30 people requires a very different cake than a winter dinner for 300.”


 “Give your baker an idea of how much you’re looking to spend. Wedding cakes can cost $3,000 on up. We encourage couples not to put themselves in debt over wedding cakes and advise them to budget only what they can afford. Ask your baker to show you what you can get for different prices—a bride who wants a very grand design might not have thought about how much ‘grand’ costs.”


“The quality needs to be first class. It’s important to me to have wedding cakes look beautiful and also taste so delicious that it surprises you. Ask when it will be baked and completed. If the decoration is prepared in advance, the cake can be baked 24 hours before you need it. The flowers and décor should be close to the time of transporting.”


 “The design of the wedding cake should be a collaboration between the couple and the baker. Photographs of cakes I’ve designed can be a starting point. But I usually draw a sketch at the initial meeting to give clients an idea of what my team can accomplish. I ask the couple what they want—more color, more design. Texture is also important. Will it be pleats, ruffles, quilting to enhance the look of the wedding cake? Most important, of course, is shape. Although couples still opt for round, square and octagonal are just as popular. Flavor is another factor. Fruit fillings are favorites with lemon or white cakes. But, undoubtedly, if the groom is along for a tasting—it will always be chocolate!”

All images via Carlo's Bakery.

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