Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wedding Registry: Ideas for Couples Who Already Live Together

Modern Wedding Registry Ideas
By: Stacy Shiffner

If you are a modern bride trying to pull together a wedding registry wish list, then you've probably noticed that traditional registry lists have not kept up with the times. Today, nearly half of all soon-to-be married couples live together prior to their weddings and that often means you already have dishes, a blender, a bedding set, etc. With that said, we've put together our own list of registry must-haves for couples who already have the basic home essentials.

Take a look below for what you should really be asking for.

Renew towels that have lost their plush

1. Items to Upgrade
Certainly you could take a look around your home and find a thing  or two that are in need of repair or upgrade. If you've been living together for more than a year, you might consider registering for a new set of sheets, towels, and even cutting boards. These items should be replaced every couple of years, so it's good to have a second set coming your way. Also look at your favorite appliances, if you use your toaster oven daily, see if there is a new model available. You'll want to upgrade items you use all the time to get the most life out of them in the future.

Register for fun items like bikes

2. Sporting or Hobby Equipment
Living with your fiance you are bound to have developed new activities that you enjoy doing together. Whether it be camping, biking, or game night, ask your guests to give you gifts that you will both spend time using.  Register for items like sleeping bags, sporting goods, or even popcorn bowls to keep the fun going. Your guests will be thrilled to get you something you both can bond over.

Pricey items can make good group gifts

3. The Things You Couldn't Afford When You Moved In
Buying a home is expensive and if you put most of your savings into your home purchase, you probably did not splurge for things like fine china when you first moved in. Add items to your registry that you want or need, but couldn't afford. Good gift ideas would be a KitchenAid mixer for baking, an Espresso machine, or even a patio set. These costly items are good for groups of friends who want to pitch in on buying a gift together.

Gift cards can give you flexibility without asking for cash
4. Gift Cards
While it is not in good form to ask for cash on your registry, asking for gift cards is certainly acceptable.  Cards to home improvement stores, favorite restaurants or retail shops can help you get by in your first year as you adjust to being married. Register for cards you see yourself needing immediately or put some on your list that you can save for a rainy day. 

5. Not-So-Exciting Stuff 
Add some not-so-exciting essentials
Registries should be fun, but when it comes to maintaining a household that isn't always the case.  Add some items that will make upkeep of your home easier such as a fireproof safe (you'll want to put your marriage certificate in there), a paper shredder for getting rid of unwanted mail, and doormats to keep dirt out of your home.

Now that you are ready to get started on your modern day wedding registry, grab your fiance and get let the fun begin! For more registry ideas visit our website at

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  1. I really agree with the items to update. As we move through our daily lives we sometimes overlook the fact that these everyday items are a bit worn and with constant use. It is nice to refresh them for the fresh union. Definately something to smile about.

  2. These are some great ideas for things to register for. I have a good friend who is getting married and she keeps asking me for advice on what she should put on her registry. I have forgotten all the things I was happy I registered for when I got married, so this post was good help!

  3. Great ideas. But I think having a cash registry is another good option. We've been living together for a couple of years and have set up a nice home with almost everything we need. So we've created a cash registry on Envelope Registry with the prospect of setting aside that money for a rainy day.

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