Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pearly Whites: Take Your Teeth From Dull To Dazzling In No Time.

imageNot sure if you want to get your teeth whitened for your wedding? Well, there’s no denying a megawatt smile will get you noticed. The phrase “she lights up a room” refers to your smile. Luckily, brilliant white teeth—essential to a show-stopping bride—are easier to achieve than ever, thanks to advances in bleaching/whitening technology. Before you get on the path to a brighter future, consider these tips from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands whose clients include Hollywood royalty.

FOR THE BRIDE: Do teeth change with age?
KEVIN SANDS: Teeth yellow with age. Not only are they constantly being stained, but with normal wear and tear and grinding you can also lose enamel as well. White strips, whitening toothpastes and whitening mouthwashes (even whitening floss!) are excellent options for those with minimal stains. You can always supplement with at-home bleaching trays if you need more whitening coverage.
FTB: Are there foods that will aid in whitening effects?
KS: Just as there are foods and drinks that stain your teeth, there are also foods to help prevent discoloration. In fact, some common foods work very well to clean your teeth. Some of these stain preventing foods include the apple which is ideal and acts as a mini-toothbrush for whitening teeth; it also helps remove plaque and stains from the teeth. And remember while coffee and red wine stain tooth enamel, white wine contains more acidity, thus softening the tooth enamel and setting the stage for staining.
FTB: What are the major whitening treatments available today?
KS: Laser whitening is the most effective treatment. The special lights activate and whiten teeth the brightest level. Mouth trays are customized in my office to fit properly and used at home by those who need touch-ups. White strips have come a long way with a variety of options out there for at-home use.
FTB: How often does one need these treatments?
KS: Clients come in for laser whitening every six months, and if in the public eye usually every three-to-four months. At-home trays several times a year and white strips should be used as needed.

A Bag of Tricks
Here are some of Dr. Sands’ favorite products to get that Hollywood smile.
1. Moroccan Mint Tea Mints contain Xylitol which kills cavity causing bacteria.
2. Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash is alcohol free and contains purified water and organic tea tree oil.
3. Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush features diamond-shaped bristles, five cleaning modes, and a two-minute timer.

4. Herbal Brite Toothpaste contains 77 herbs with mint oils.

5. Crest Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss stimulates gums and removes plaque to help reverse gingivitis in two weeks.


• Start a healthy diet: This is the basic groundwork for a beautiful smile.
• Six months before: See your dental professional so that any problems with teeth and/or gums can be treated well in advance. This is also the time to discuss whitening procedures.
• Three months before: See your dentist for another cleaning.
• One-month before: If you plan to have an in-office whitening, schedule now.

By Patricia Canole

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