Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Writing Thank You Notes in No Time!

There’s no doubt you are thankful for all of the wonderful gifts you and your husband have received. However, you probably are not thrilled at the idea of writing all of those necessary (they are!) thank-you notes. To keep your mind focused and your pen moving, here are some tips that will get those notes written while keeping your stress level down.


When gifts start to arrive make sure you record a description of the present, the gift giver’s name and address as well as the date your present was received. This will help to avoid any confusion about who sent what. If a note arrived with the gift keep those too; it may help you to recall the intended meaning of the present which you can reflect on later in your thank-you note.


Set aside a specific time for writing thank-you notes. By doing so, you won’t be tempted to push it aside because you have “better” things to do. An excellent suggestion is to have a box filled with necessary supplies—cards, envelopes, black pen, and stamps—readily available which will keep your mind focused on the task. For a shower or engagement party send thank-you notes within ten days. Early wedding gifts should be acknowledged immediately, and gifts given at the wedding should be acknowledged soon after the honeymoon.
Subsequently, with all the events surrounding a wedding—engagement party, bridal showers, as well as wedding—you probably have received multiple gifts from the same person. So, be sure to send a separate thank-you note for each gift to that person. Don’t forget those who hosted showers and parties in your honor. If you had a family member make a toast, serve as an attendant, or travel a long distance, a kind thank you will always be appreciated.


When writing thank-you notes for engagement and shower gifts, less formal note cards may be used. However, wedding note cards require more formal stationery in either white or ivory. If you choose note cards embossed with your name or initials, use your maiden name on any pre-wedding thank-you notes. Stationery that includes your married name, should not be used until after the wedding. 

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