Thursday, March 28, 2013

Perfect Travel Size Companions from Malie Organics

Honeymoon Essentials

Malie Organics has come out with a line of travel-size treats ideal for bringing along on your honeymoon! Their creams, candles and perfumes are not only cute in size, but are perfect in creating that romantic atmosphere.
Travel Size Body Creams

The new TSA approved travel-size body creams are luxurious to the skin. The fragrant lotions inspired by the Hawaiian aromas of Pikake and Plumeria are perfect for your purse or carry-on.  Just rub the cream on after a long day in the sun. A little goes a long way and is sure to last you the entire trip!

Soy Travel Candle Tins

Want to set the mood? Then the soy travel candle tins are just the thing for you! No matter where you are traveling, their intoxicating scents will transform the ambiance of any room. The candles which last up to 10 hours, are made from clean- burning waxes and have an 100% cotton wick.

Organic Roll-On Perfume Oil

Malie Organics has six signature scents: orchid, plumeria, pikake, koke, mango nectar, and coconut vanilla. All these tantalizing aromas are available in the organic roll-on perfume oil. Not only a great option for freshening up on the go, but also a nice alternative to the usual spray perfume.

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