Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Weddings Go Vintage
By Patricia Canole

With vintage wedding themes so popular this fall, we invited wedding expert Cara Davis, author of “Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot” to give us some practical advice on planning an affair to remember on a budget. Before diving into the world of antiques and lace, start by planning your expenses so you're not left with a bill you're still paying when the wedding itself turns vintage. Here are several ways to incorporate a romantic look to your wedding.

COLOR YOUR WORLD A solid vintage wedding theme begins with a color scheme. Thankfully there are some fabulous, easy-to-use online tools you can use to create a color story with your wedding. Start with a site like and search for “vintage.” Once you've found your inspiration, head over to Sherwin-Williams’ color tool called Chip It! to translate any picture into matching Sherwin Williams paint colors.

ATTIRE Lace, pearls and feminine necklines are go-to components for vintage-inspired wedding dresses. In addition to bridal boutiques, search women's department stores for affordable options. Register for gift cards through to allow your guests to help you offset the cost of your dream gown

GREAT GATSBY The classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald set in the Roaring ‘20s, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is set for release in 2013. Vintage-loving brides can pull plenty of wedding inspiration from the look and feel of this film, and already we're seeing ‘20s styled dresses and accessories.

MASON JARS Throw a twist on mason jars at a wedding by painting them for a dated look. Use vaseline on the embossed parts (like the name of the jar), then wipe off that area to create a vintage, distressed look. Insert a bunch of baby's breath and you've got an instant vintage centerpiece. Flank with votive candles wrapped with a paper doilies.

CHALKBOARDS Chalkboards are everywhere, and they add a fun element to wedding day signage. Pull it into the vintage theme by painting an aged-looking frame the color of your wedding, then paint over the glass with chalkboard paint. Use big ones for directional signs, or small ones for place cards or menus.

HOMEMADE A vintage wedding naturally lends itself to homemade touches, and nothing says “homemade” like dessert. Pies continue to be a big trend in weddings this year, and local vendors are making it easier to find baked goods with that down-home taste.

MUSIC Don't just decorate; set the right mood with a vintage record player and vinyl records. Whether it's oldies, Rat Pack or classical, your choice of music will complete your theme and put a smile on your guests' faces. 

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