Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finding Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

Lately the beauty and gossip blogs have been buzzing about Miley Cyrus's new, short (and partially shaved) hair style. The newly engaged star is getting some heat that her style is not wedding-friendly despite telling her Twitter followers that she "Never felt more me in my whole life". We at For The Bride say "Go Miley!". It's important for brides-to-be to not only feel comfortable with their look but also to trust themselves and not follow the 'norm' when it comes to their bridal style. If you are looking to change it up like Miley Cyrus then we have some tips for finding the right fit for you.
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First, browse styles and get ideas. You can find bridal hairstyles not only in bridal magazines and websites but also on celebrity sites, fashion magazines and Pinterest. Make an inspiration board by ripping out or printing the styles that you like. When you have all your favorites together it will be easier to find what is common between all the pictures- maybe they all have a side swept bang or layers. Use this to make a list of all the must haves for your new look.

Next, take it to your stylist. If you have someone you trust and frequent often then stick with them for this special occasion. However, if you are trying a drastic new look and think changing up your stylist will help with achieving that goal then ask some friends if they can suggest a stylist who is creative and worthy of the task. Show your stylist the pictures and talk it over with them. Their expertise will allow them to give you more ideas which you may not have considered, i.e your face shape, adding color and so forth. Make a plan together that leads up to your wedding day and includes all the necessary appointments for cuts, colors and other maintenance.

Lastly, trust your instincts. Many friends and hairdressers will suggest growing your hair long, adding highlights or doing a style that is 'tried and true' or trendy. Believe that you know what will look best on you and stick with it knowing that you will feel comfortable and pretty on your wedding day. 
Happy browsing!
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